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FORS GOLD – Driving Sustainability and Compliance


FORS Gold is an esteemed recognition, driving sustainability and compliance in the realm of fleet operations. Achieving the prestigious FORS GOLD accreditation is a testament to exceptional performance and unwavering commitment to excellence. This recognition is reserved for operators who have surpassed rigorous targets encompassing legal compliance, safety, efficiency, and environmental protection.

As a FORS gold operator, Immediate Transport proudly champions the FORS Gold Standard placing a strong emphasis on sustainable logistics, driver welfare, and reducing our environmental footprint. Through our unwavering commitment to these principles, we have leveraged the power of resources and training provided by FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) to enhance our business and nurture the next generation of transport managers. Since achieving the prestigious Gold status in 2018, we have integrated our ISO, security, sustainability, and health & safety programs. Enabling to forge ahead with ongoing compliance even during the most challenging times.

Fuel Efficiency and Alternative Energy

In our quest for sustainability, we have adopted a proactive approach towards monitoring and optimising fuel usage, mileage, and general fleet movements. By closely tracking these metrics, we have witnessed significant improvements in miles per gallon (MPG). This further bolsters our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. Building upon this success, we have also taken the bold step of introducing an alternative fuel review model, which will guide our future fleet management decisions. As part of this initiative, we have already replaced certain vehicles in our fleet with new technology, while also extending the lifespan of older fleet units for environmental gain. Undoubtedly, this is backed by evidence suggesting the viability of such a strategy. Moreover, we recently introduced an electric-powered Hiab crane. It replaces its diesel-powered predecessor, marking a significant milestone in our shift towards sustainable operations.

The Role of FORS

Undoubtedly, the journey towards achieving Net Zero status is driven by continuous improvement and innovation. We aim to achieve this through the invaluable support of the FORS platform. By capitalising the comprehensive resources and training offered by FORS, our Fleet Director and Transport Manager have honed their skills and expertise. Therefore, enabling them to spearhead our sustainability initiatives and inspire the next generation of transport managers. The FORS platform is an indispensable tool. It provides the knowledge, guidance, and best practices necessary to navigate the complex landscape of sustainable logistics and compliance.


The future of our company remains steadfast in its commitment to sustainability and compliance. Pursuit of improvement and innovation, fuelled by the invaluable support of FORS. We are well-positioned to achieve our ultimate goal of becoming a Net Zero company. We are prioritising driver welfare thus reducing our environmental impact, and leveraging alternative energy sources. Consequently, we are not only embracing our responsibility as a business but also setting an example for others to follow. Together, let us forge a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come.

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