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Immediate Transport Acquires New MAN TGX 6 Tractor Unit

Advanced TGX 6 Model Enhances Efficiency and Sustainability in their fleet.

Immediate Transport acquires a new MAN TGX 6 tractor unit to enhance its fleet. A leader in logistics services in the South East of England, has taken this significant step forward. Furthermore, this state-of-the-art addition marks a substantial upgrade in their transport capabilities. It also underpins the company’s commitment to efficiency and sustainability in the ever-evolving logistics landscape.

The MAN TGX 6 is known for its exceptional operational efficiency and advanced technological features. Therefore, it represents a significant enhancement in the company’s service offerings.

“The addition of the MAN TGX 6 is a major milestone in our journey of providing top-tier logistic solutions,” says Stephen Mantel, Director. “This vehicle embodies the perfect blend of power, efficiency, and cutting-edge technology, precisely aligning with our commitment to deliver outstanding service.”

Upgraded Capabilities for Modern Logistics Challenges

Undoubtedly the MAN TGX 6, with its powerful D3876 6 in-line engine, excels in performance and reliability. This is crucial for meeting modern supply chain demands. Its advanced navigation and communication systems ensure efficient tracking and real-time data for clients. As a result, this reflects Immediate Transportation’s focus on transparent and streamlined logistics services.

Eco-Friendly Operations with MAN TGX 6

Similarly with Immediate Transportation’s sustainability goals, the MAN TGX 6 tractor unit boasts environmentally efficient features. “Incorporating the MAN TGX 6 into our fleet represents our commitment to eco-friendly logistics and our ongoing efforts towards sustainable operations,” Mantel adds.

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Immediate Transport Limited has a century-long legacy in logistics. Particularly, specialising in comprehensive freight management. Their services include UK pallet network operations, FORS Gold-standard Vehicle Management, In-house Customs Clearance, and Global Air and Sea Freight solutions. The company is renowned for not only its innovative approach, but also their customer focus, and sustainable practices.

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